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Od: dougouse <>
Do: Sifu Szymankiewicz

Dear Sifu Szymankiewicz,
Thank you for an excellent article on Ving Tsun. I have been studying Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun for just over 7 years under Sifu Anthony Kan a direct line student of Sigung Wong Shun Leung. Previous to this I studied Wing Chun/WingTsun for about 10 years. What an enlightenment finding and learning of a highly knowledgeable instructor of the Wong Shun Leung way. Sigung Wong’s method is truly the best I have ever seen. Your article is highly knowledgeable and shows your in depth insight into the art. I at present have learnt all of the forms up to and including the knive exercises. I will be honest in saying that to date I have not completed the Bart Chum Dao form, but I have been told this will come in time and anyway I am in no hurry. Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun is a fascinating life long study, I learn more all the time. I subscribe to Sigung Wong’s motto „To better myself with each day of training”

Yours in Wong Shun Leung’s Ving Tsun
PS Once again thanks for a fantastic article!

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